Up, Up and Away!

Life is a funny thing. The more I feel like I’m figuring out who I am, the less I seem to know what I should do with this new-found knowledge. Perhaps it’s because life, the good kind, is meant to be a mystery. I certainly wouldn’t want the rest of my days to count out in ordered predictability. I find that the older I get, the more chances I take and the more willing I am to jump blindly into my future.

(My fortunes tell me this is a good idea. Obviously you should always listen to the cookie.)

2013-11-20 17.34.30

Life doesn’t work out the way you plan. Well. Perhaps if you’re seriously great in the planning department, it might – but if you’re like me and leave everything until the last minute, forget to pack your socks and resort to winging it, life can throw you some unexpected curve balls. (Not sure what’s up with the sports metaphors… but lets roll with it.)

I’m a writer. A bit of a slow one. I slack, I get distracted and I STILL haven’t finished anything. But it doesn’t make me less of a writer, just an as-yet-unfullfilled one. I don’t know what it’s going to take to launch me into the seat of a published author, but I figure one of these days I’ll finally spit out the next great Canadian novel and be able to figure out what my next step is.

In the meantime, because I can’t sit still anymore, and what I’m doing just isn’t working for me… I’m going to change things up a little bit.


January 13th, 2014 – I’m skipping town for a while. I’m going to add to my collection of experiences and hopefully end up with hundreds of stories to entertain you with. (Should you enjoy the stories I plan to share, and happen to be capable of offering me a job as a travel writer, do not be afraid to contact me. I’d be willing to talk.)

Where am I going? Somewhere with a little bit of jungle, a little bit of beach, and whole ton of character and culture.

I’m off to the wilds of Ecuador; and I won’t come back without a story.


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