The Long Morning…

When I woke up this morning I was shocked… and unsure whether to be horrified or delighted that someone had washed my dishes, tidied the living room and somehow painted my nails. While I was admiring the amazingly clean state of my house and trying to figure out if I had started sleep-cleaning (which would be totally ok with me) I woke up to discover that it was all a dream. When I crawled out of bed I found my house just as messy as it was the night before.

Feeling somewhat cheated I phoned my mother and told her the whole sad story. As I was talking to her I happened to glance outside and realized that IT WAS SNOWING… on May long. We shared a long moment of extreme disappointment over the weather, until I blinked and found myself once again lying in bed.

After getting up for the third time, I realized the house is still a mess, I didn’t get a manicure and no, it isn’t snowing — but damn it all if I’m not more exhausted than I was when I went to bed. And I still have to clean the house!

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