The End of Limbo


I’m excited today.

I’m excited because life is full of possibilities. After more than a year of working and saving every penny possible, it is finally time for another adventure. Time to open a new doorway and once again venture into the unknown.

I’m not good at waiting, even when I know that whatever limbo I’m in is a temporary state of affairs. It’s hard to stay chipper; focusing on the mundane day-to-day tasks can become a bit of a drag. That being said, I wouldn’t trade this time in limbo for the world. Because during this time, where in my mind I was accomplishing hardly anything – I fell in love with a wonderful man.

Someone who is exactly the kind of person that makes limbo better (and me better), and at the same time is precisely who I want to go on my adventures with.

I also became a better cook (that’s a life skill right there), and have officially decided that I really do enjoy making tasty things…and eating the tasty things.

During my time locked in a chair due to my desk-job, I have become even more passionate about hopefully one day owning a small piece of land – and never ever sitting in a chair for 8 hours at a time unless I really want to. I have uncovered a desire to not only support the agricultural practices I believe in, but become a part of them. I have found a new dream.

I have spent lots of time with my eccentric and utterly lovable family.

… this limbo really doesn’t sound so bad now that I’m looking back on it, now does it?

We all have ups and downs before we get where we are going – and though it is cliché, the journey really ought to be the part that you enjoy the most. It’s the ride. The trip. The in-between moments. If you’re not enjoying the journey, maybe you need to switch up your mode of transportation.

I know it’s not always that easy, and I know there are a lot of people going through very tough times right now… but there are always opportunities, chances…hope.

My hope is that when those people look back on their time in limbo, they are able to see the things that made it worth it.


This next adventure is going to be an interesting one. We still don’t know exactly where we are going to end up (the visa is still in processing), and we have absolutely no idea where we will go when we come back. The only thing I know for sure is that I am going to learn a heck of a lot about myself, my love and this wonderful wacky world we live in.


Yep, I’m definitely excited.


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