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Conversations With An Imaginary Best Friend

“The Hairy Chest Conundrum”

She looked at me as though I were an alien, newly arrived on Earth and still struggling to understand the complexities of human society.
“NO, no, no.” She punctuated each rejection of my opinion with a vicious stabbing motion of her right index finger. “Real men have hairy chests!”


“I disagree.” I shook my head at her lack of comprehension, “You see – If I fall asleep on a man’s chest, I want my biggest concern to be whether or not I drool on him. Not whether or not I’m going to wake up with a yeti imprinted on my cheek.”
“Besides,” I continued, a dreamy smile on my face, “I wouldn’t want the beat of his heart to be muffled by fur.”

She blinked dramatically a few times before responding, “You know we’re talking about humans here, not Wookies… Right?”

/end scene

During “Conversations With An Imaginary Best Friend” I will be writing in 1st person POV. This is mostly an experiment in writing techniques as I typically shy away from 1st person as much as humanly possible. Though I do hope you enjoy these random shorts regardless. ;)