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Run, Don’t Walk

While at work today I was given one of the most inspiring speeches I’ve heard from a flesh and blood person. In today’s world of rules and guidelines for every aspect of life, it’s hard to find people who are fearless about pushing the boundaries. And I don’t mean the people who rebel against society for the sole purpose of being ‘themselves’ and thus end up exactly like the millions of others who are claiming the same thing.

I’m talking about people who are actually capable, and willing, to have an original thought. Who will then take that thought and share it, and turn it into something new.

I was told today, in no uncertain terms, “You have to want to fail.” My mind balked at this. Failure is something that haunts my every step, the thought of not doing well makes my stomach churn. But as she continued to explain her thought to me, I realized, in absolute amazement, she is right.

If the only detail we focus on is success, we will be far too afraid to think outside the box. We will instinctively reject any idea that is ludicrous or difficult because it might prevent us from achieving that all important success.

And where does that leave us? On the road to ordinary, just like everyone else. We’re told to set small goals, achievable ones. When it comes to weight loss, working out, word counts (if you’re a writer) – in happiness and life we’re told to think small. All we are ever going to get from such a mentality is something small. We will perpetually underestimate ourselves, and as such our goal will only be normal. If normality is what you wish to achieve, by all means do so.

But what if you set yourself up to fail?

You might fail. That is always a possibility.

At the same time you might find that you can push yourself to heights you never thought were possible.

If you set impossible goals, or run with impossible ideas – you might find yourself achieving the impossible.

The fear of failure can only succeed in stunting your growth.