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Socks – of the non matching variety

As many people know, I have a habit of wearing mismatched socks. But when I was challenged with writing a post about the reasons why, I was forced to delve into the deeper meaning behind a pair of neon green and pink stripped socks.

I have always said that I wanted to be a writer because then when I’m walking down the street and people inquire about the lack of fashion on my feet I can simply say “Well I’m a writer.” No one will feel the need to inquire further. After all, writers are expected to be unusual and absolutely unique.

But why do I really do it? Perhaps it is a gesture of defiance against the kind of society that believes that both halves of our body should be identical.

For me – the sensation I feel when putting on a pair of very different socks is something akin to comfort. It’s quite similar to your favourite shade of lipstick, or the shirt and tie you favour. Some things we gravitate towards more easily than others. Mismatched socks come naturally to me. As such, I’m not saying that this particular fashion statement is for everyone – just like not everyone can wear the same colour of shirt. Just don’t discount the unusual because it might be frowned upon – or misunderstood. Take a chance now and then, and let the world know you’re not afraid to express yourself.

Try it for a day – see how it feels to escape the confines of ‘normal’ society

The reality of the situation is of course slightly less interesting. Matching socks is tedious work – to which I am not suited in the slightest. I have gotten so used to picking random socks out of a pile that seeing two matching socks on my feet is rather disconcerting. I will usually swap one of them and set the universe right again. (Thus continuing the cycle and my rebellion against what the world considers ‘acceptable’ fashion.)

A thank you to Kichelle for suggesting the topic – If you have a subject you would like to see featured in my blog, simply drop a suggestion in the comments box.