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Tear off the Labels

Sometimes I wonder why we humans are so bound and determined to define and label everything in our lives. We puzzle over our feelings and memories until we can give them a concrete definition. That is love. This is friendship. That was betrayal. No one stops to remember that no sensation, moment or action is ever simple. You cannot look at the moment when a mother holds her child for the first time and break it down into nothing more than words.
You can’t truly define emotions – love will be blended with happiness, peace with contentment and anger tinged with fragments of regret. Our lives are the sum of our experiences – we don’t strive to give a name to every piece of a puzzle, why should we try something so impossible with our lives?
If we define something, give it name – it is forever contained in that one box. Hampered and held back by nothing but meaningless words and unable to reach its true potential.
How much greater could the moments in our lives be if we simply accepted them for what they are? Nothing more and nothing less.