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There are some kisses that every person should experience. First, the terrible, slobbery, can’t-close-your-eyes variety – they are necessary to better appreciate the great ones. The passionate, push-you-up-against-a-wall kisses, that shut your brain off and don’t leave any room for thought. Kisses that are filled with longing, with hope, and kisses that are really just a whisper goodbye.

But mostly, kisses that you never want to end. Where you think you should pull back, maybe you even try to, but neither one is willing to walk away. Noses touch, hands pull you in and it doesn’t matter if you’re late for work or that someone might see or even that five minutes ago you were determined that this kiss was never going to happen.

Because those lips on yours fit; and you don’t care what impression you’re giving because you know the moment that those lips are gone… you will miss them.

And if, by some chance, you never get them back, you will never regret kissing them… just once more.