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What Are You Capable Of?

Climbing Upward

There is a great deal to be said for accomplishing something that a former version of yourself would have been convinced she could not do. There is more to be said for realizing that, while it’s a great achievement, it doesn’t represent a fraction of what you are capable of.

It is easy to say, life is good enough, I’m doing ok – lets not mess with the status quo. Seems like a solid, responsible thing to do. It’s not. The status quo is there for you to beat, stomp on, crumple up and eventually leave behind you in the dirt. If you don’t, you are doing the least responsible thing you can, because you’re not living up to your potential. And if you’re not living up to your potential, you are wasting the most precious commodity you have. Your life. (And, as I’m sure my mother would be happy to tell you, wasting what you’re given is not even remotely responsible of you.)

Why the speech? I beat a milestone this weekend, actually in a way, I beat a few. I started kickboxing because it was something I had always wanted to try, and never thought I would do. Beginning was a huge stepping stone for me. Because of this, I began to learn a little bit about strength, about confidence and a whole lot about myself.

kickboxingFor example. I’m not a mouse. Some people would tell you that I am, but I’m not. A mouse wouldn’t have been willing to compete in a karate/kickboxing tournament. But I did. And came home with a Silver in Sparring. Is the little trophy sitting on my shelf going to change the world? The chances are slim. Did it bestow me with some all-powerful skill? I don’t think so. (But if it does I’ll let you know.) But that doesn’t make it any less of an achievement to be proud of. I can tick off another box, move another step forward, and that is always a reason to hold your head high.

Today I got to trade in my white hand wraps (the sign of an un-tried beginner) for the happy glow of yellow wraps — a sign to all that I have moved up in the world. I’m still a beginner, which is perfectly fine because I am aware of just how much I have to learn; but I am better than I was, and will continue to improve.

I’ve set a new goal for myself – if you’re curious you can find out more about it -> here.

My point today? Go for it. Even if the current version of you can’t hack it. Because the ‘you’ of the future can, and if you don’t give her a chance; you will never discover what you are capable of.

Don’t you want to know?