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The End of Limbo


I’m excited today.

I’m excited because life is full of possibilities. After more than a year of working and saving every penny possible, it is finally time for another adventure. Time to open a new doorway and once again venture into the unknown.

I’m not good at waiting, even when I know that whatever limbo I’m in is a temporary state of affairs. It’s hard to stay chipper; focusing on the mundane day-to-day tasks can become a bit of a drag. That being said, I wouldn’t trade this time in limbo for the world. Because during this time, where in my mind I was accomplishing hardly anything – I fell in love with a wonderful man. Continue reading The End of Limbo

An open letter to the one who dreams of seeing the world


My dear,

You won’t necessarily enjoy it, that abrupt jolt away from everything that is comfortable and familiar, some don’t. Being surrounded by a different culture, a different way of life, a different language. It might frighten you; even change you. Change is dangerous, unpredictable, addicting and thrilling.

That which you take for granted will no longer be the norm. The world you thought you knew will become tiny and insignificant in comparison to the one that you were truly born into.
If you like everything in your world to be familiar and orderly, it will shake it. Continue reading An open letter to the one who dreams of seeing the world

On top of the world – Ecuador


Riding a quad up into the hills east of Olón this week turned out to be a bumpy adventure and though some small instances may have required minor trespassing, it was well worth it.

As the sun was beginning to set I found myself standing atop a world more beautiful than I had known existed.

Horses and cows were the only creatures inhabiting the immediate area, and for the first time I found myself envious of what a member of the animal kingdom possessed.

The ocean, in its blue tranquility, stretched along the horizon, caressed by a soft sandy beach that teased and invited each and every wave that broke upon its shore. The ocean seemed to be, if such a thing were possible, contained on the left by the cliff that cuts the beach off from Montanita and on the right by the lush green hills that led to the rainforest near Ayampe.


The small pueblos of Olón, La Curia, San José and Las Núñez marked mankind’s habitation of the area, yet they did so with a finesse, a smooth blending that western culture has yet to master. Nature here possesses a strength that is not so easily cowed by man.

Rushing up from the coast, to my vantage point above the world, was a blanket of lush vibrant green. Life, rich and intense, covering every inch of earth.

I fell in love I think, in those moments, with a dream or with possibility. It was breathtaking, and I mean that without a single ounce of the creative exaggeration that us writers are liable to wantonly throw about. For a moment, I couldn’t breathe, my mind empty of thoughts, the deep thrum of desire at the core of my being the only sensation that I could feel.


You need to have felt it, I believe, to understand it. The pinpricks of goosebumps along flesh, the inexplicable welling of tears in awestruck eyes and the uncontrollable wanting that burns from the inside out.

I can see myself there, in the elusive future that I have never been able to imagine, in the still morning with a steaming mug of coffee in my hand, watching the world come to life before me. I can see the nights, the sun setting in a blaze of color, giving the world over to the stars, and on the clear nights, the milky way stretching out above me as fireflies dance through the darkness, performing for me alone.

Only one addition could improve this daydream; something this incredible is not meant to be experienced alone.

Dreaming Big


I have been resisting the urge to write a romance for years. I kept telling myself that my first book needs to be deep and inspiring, a meaningful exposé of the human condition, filled with hidden plots and witty conversation. It needed to be important. But in the end… what is more important than love? More worthwhile? More deserving of the dedication required to write a novel?

How could it have ever been anything other than love?

I am a romantic. I always have been. I hope that nothing ever brings me down so low that I forget how to daydream. As such, my first completed, full-length story is going to be a fairy tale. And I’m going to love writing every page of it.

I barely have any clue what it is going to be about. There’s going to be a boy. And a girl. And magic.

I really hope you like it. :)

“I am a dreamer. I always have been. During every minute of the day the dreams are fluid, constantly shifting. With every breath, they take on new life, new form; an endless barrage of possibility. But in the night, when the world sleeps so peacefully under the glittering skies, until that first glow graces the horizon… In the night, I only dream of you.”

I’m Dreaming a Dream… But What Does It Mean?!


I had a dream last night, and in it, my life as I knew it was over. I arrived at work to find that everything had changed and I didn’t have even a tiny hint of control over it. Even though the life in my dream was one that I had hated, I balked at the change. I was angry, upset and clinging to a life that no longer existed.

I didn’t give the new life a chance, I didn’t even take a good look at it. All I did was allow myself to fall into misery, bemoaning my poor tragic fate.

But was it really tragic?

With my first sip of coffee came thoughts. It is easy to cling to what is familiar. It’s safe. Even if you don’t like it, the simple fact that you know it, that you can predict it, gives it a terrible seductive kind of comfort. A lot of us live our lives seduced by the promise of familiarity. Never venturing out farther than what we know because someone once warned us that beyond the edges of the map that we’ve already travelled, “be monsters.”

Here be Monsters

The frightful. The unknown. The dangerous.

And perhaps, maybe, a chance to live.

I realized that the woman in my dream was nothing more than a fragment of a past that I had once held on to. She was simply an echo of old fears and a lingering desire to cling to things I once thought were everything.

I know better now. The unknown represents hope, and the possibility of change. If I arrive at work on Monday to discover a world completely unlike anything I have ever known, I hope I have the courage to embrace it.