Taking the time for…

Soul Maintenance

Every so often, the hands of time revolve and return me to a set of circumstances, to a state of being that I know so well, and yet manage to ignore far too often. I find myself inexplicably feeling empty, even though my life is full and I am happy. It’s not because of some fault in the world around me, but rather because I am neglecting something that is a part of who I am, and without it I begin to feel incomplete.

No matter how incredible life is, no matter how many crazy things I’ve done in a day, how many rainbows I’ve seen or waterfalls I’ve swam under, I need to sit down and just for a little while, reconnect with my soul.

Writing does this for me, it weaves a delicate shimmering fabric between my mind and the essence of me that contains all of who I really am.

The part of me, that is really me, outside of reality and circumstances.

The part that is easiest to lose if I forget to pay attention to it. Writing allows me to express and forces me to be alone with myself, with my thoughts, my feelings and to take the time to learn who I am today.

Perhaps it’s just me that needs to do this, but I think not. I think it is more likely that everyone needs these moments to get lost within their passions, the things they do sheerly for the pleasure of it, for the freedom that it allows. The parts of them that are more than their job, responsibilities and duties.

For me, it’s the pen in my hand or the keys under my fingertips that help return me to myself.

I forget sometimes, or I can’t be bothered, and I allow something I love to feel like a chore when instead I should cherish it, and hone it, and practice it each and every day. Much like any relationship, our souls deserve our attention, our care and a steady reminder that we appreciate them for who they are.

I cannot always physically or verbally express myself, but I can always put a little piece of myself into everything I do – and in this manner, I remain true to myself when I can’t, or won’t or don’t want to share it any other way.

We need to allow ourselves to fly free, to show off all the beautiful, ragged, shimmering and sinister corners of ourselves.

It’s so easy to neglect our souls, there’s always work to be done and places to go, but it goes so much more smoothly if you make sure to know and care for the person you are journeying with.

I need that connection to myself, the unadulterated honesty that flows into the things I create.

When I put pen to paper, it’s my soul that covers the pages.

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