I am Theriaka. Spelt slightly differently my name would be an age old antidote believed to cure… nearly every poison out there. Spelt such as it is however, it is me.
You can call me Ther if you feel the need for a nickname to make you more comfortable.
Pronunciation? I’m sure you were just about to ask. Like Cher, with a lisp. Try it out. You know you want to.
If you need help pronouncing Cher… go home. This blog is wasted on you.

Why have I created a blog? Why does anyone? My previous 3 are not enough for me. I am just such a well of creativity and boredom that I need one more anonymous persona online to keep me happy.
What is this blog about? It has no fixed topic. However it will include my photography and perhaps some creative writing. Other than that, your guess is as good as mine.
If at anytime you have a topic you feel needs to be written about and posted in a completely out of the way, one out of millions, no one will ever notice me! Blog. Then please, drop me a link. I always need random topics.

Politely, sincerely and regretfully yours,

Welcome to the musings of Beth Hobson (writer) – to be taken with a spoonful of sugar.