Old Fashioned Desires

Maybe I’m old fashioned. Maybe I was born in the wrong era. Honestly I’m not too sure. The only thing I’m certain of is that society has gotten the idea of relationships all screwed up. Perhaps it’s because women feel they have to take feminism to the next level. We can’t be treated equally- clearly we’re better! Heaven forbid we actually find ourselves carrying out any of the rolls that women have traditionally filled.


If a woman cooks for her family or treats her husband with love and affection, she blatantly deserves our pity. She should stand up for herself! Tell him to make his own damn dinner for once.

If a woman isn’t a bitch then she allows herself to be pushed around.


Wrong. I want a man in my life that makes me WANT to get up before him and surprise him with an 18 course breakfast just because I can. I want to be able to do the little things, to go out of my way to make him smile. To care for him. Because in my mind, in a relationship, that is what you do. You do what you can to make their lives happier, more relaxed and filled with love; this doesn’t detract from your own well-being, it reinforces it.

If you don’t actually care about the happiness of your significant other – if you don’t put them first once in a while…. are you really certain that you love them?

No relationship is ever going to be perfect. You’ll fight, you’ll probably hurt each other and shit is going to hit the fan once in a while. But isn’t the love, the caring for each other, isn’t that what makes it worth it?

That being said: Men – opening a door for a lady, carrying her bags, publicly showing affection, ditching the boys when she needs your help… this doesn’t make you a pussy. This makes you a gentleman and this kind of behavior will put you miles above the rest. (Seriously. You’ll be in the stratosphere while they’re still trying to find their way out of the cave.)

Respect is not a sign of weakness.

Loving someone does not mean you love yourself less.

C’est tout!

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