I’m Dreaming a Dream… But What Does It Mean?!


I had a dream last night, and in it, my life as I knew it was over. I arrived at work to find that everything had changed and I didn’t have even a tiny hint of control over it. Even though the life in my dream was one that I had hated, I balked at the change. I was angry, upset and clinging to a life that no longer existed.

I didn’t give the new life a chance, I didn’t even take a good look at it. All I did was allow myself to fall into misery, bemoaning my poor tragic fate.

But was it really tragic?

With my first sip of coffee came thoughts. It is easy to cling to what is familiar. It’s safe. Even if you don’t like it, the simple fact that you know it, that you can predict it, gives it a terrible seductive kind of comfort. A lot of us live our lives seduced by the promise of familiarity. Never venturing out farther than what we know because someone once warned us that beyond the edges of the map that we’ve already travelled, “be monsters.”

Here be Monsters

The frightful. The unknown. The dangerous.

And perhaps, maybe, a chance to live.

I realized that the woman in my dream was nothing more than a fragment of a past that I had once held on to. She was simply an echo of old fears and a lingering desire to cling to things I once thought were everything.

I know better now. The unknown represents hope, and the possibility of change. If I arrive at work on Monday to discover a world completely unlike anything I have ever known, I hope I have the courage to embrace it.

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