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I recently went to my first movie at the Monarch Theatre located in Medicine Hat, Alberta. As a regular movie goer, I am used to the tightly packed, Hollywood-esque, chain theatres that feature multiple big name movies at any given time. I had never before been to a theatre that features only one movie. This rather important detail is explained by the fact that there is only one theatre in the building, something I had not clued into before I went.

I demonstrated my incredible lack of knowledge by specifying exactly what movie I wanted to see, and at what time, when I purchased admission. Imagine my embarrassment when I realized there was only one movie available, and one showing of said movie (of course due to the fact there was only one theatre). I even paused for a moment after paying, waiting for the ticket that you are given at the big theatres. How silly. Of course you don’t need one. In essence you are paying for admission into the building. If you’ve paid, you go into the lobby, if you haven’t, you don’t.

Despite my horrifying realization that I am a person who is far more at home in the modern, busy world of long lines and copious amounts of technology, I enjoyed stepping out of that world, even if only for an hour and a half.

Go to the Monarch Theatre for an experience that is more than your over hyped, mass media, money driven normalcy. So many of us say that we want more than just the mainstream films that we are spoon fed time after time. The Monarch Theatre offers you this with their unique selection that often includes Indie films, Classics and Documentaries. They are the perfect choice for anyone seeking an experience that is out of the norm.

Not only is the popcorn absolutely fantastic, but the high backed chairs that the theatre sports won’t leave you feeling as though you’ve just endured an intense session in a medieval torture chamber.

My personal favourite touch? The lush maroon curtain that shrouds the screen. I felt the thrill of genuine excitement as it pulled back and the movie sprang to life. There is a distinct lack of romance and charm in the modern world, but do not despair, hope is not completely lost. You can relive a slice of the past at Medicine Hat’s very own Monarch Theatre.


I did!

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  1. Granted I haven’t taken advantage of the Monarch as much as I would like to, I’m really happy that it’s open again.

    I went to one of the late night showings of the Rocky Horror Picture Show last Halloween where people dressed up, sang along, and did all the various stunts that you’re supposed to . . . there’s no way you’d experience something like that at the Cineplex. It’s still a bit of an unknown treasure despite the relaunch.

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