Don’t Give Up… Get Dirty.

I innocently said, “I’d love to do something like that”. Never knowing just how much I meant it.

Eight months ago, when I started this particular leg of my journey, I considered myself unmemorable. Call it a lack of self confidence. I had this tragic habit of looking at anything challenging and assuming it was beyond me. What a terrible way to live.


This last year has been wonderful for me, even the pitfalls and struggles have served to build me up and, in the end, make me stronger.

Because without challenges, we cannot grow. And without growth, we do not live.

I’m not going to say that it was meeting any one person that changed my outlook, or that one day I woke up a new woman. Though there are certainly people and events that contributed; I have found that you’re more likely to be changed by a series of small, nearly unnoticeable events than one cataclysmic happening.

The obstacle course was just one day. Just one more thing I’m able to do. Just one more reason to be proud of who I am.

The difference between me today, and the me I was a year ago, is that not only do I know what I need to do to improve who I am, and where my life is going, but I’m not afraid of it. Whether I am alone or supported by family and friends, I will succeed. All I need to do… is do it.


I’m smart enough to know when I’ve hit a limit and when I’ve just given up. Though I work hard, I haven’t yet worked ‘as hard as I can’. Our breaking points have nothing to do with the strength of our bodies – they are determined entirely by the strength of our will. The moments when I give up, they have never been because I can’t go on. They have always been because I won’t.

It doesn’t make me a failure. It gives me something to work on.

It might seem odd, to have learnt so much about who I am, in the confines of a gym. But it’s true. What before was “I can’t” has become “I will” – and as I do more and more of what I had assumed was impossible for me, (because it simply wasn’t ‘me’), I realize just how far I have yet to go. This isn’t daunting. It’s exciting. What am I going to do tomorrow, or a year from now, that I have never yet dreamed of?

What an exhilarating rush, to realize that your potential is so vast, you could never imagine the full breadth and width of it.


Next Up. Spartan Sprint.


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