An open letter to the one who dreams of seeing the world


My dear,

You won’t necessarily enjoy it, that abrupt jolt away from everything that is comfortable and familiar, some don’t. Being surrounded by a different culture, a different way of life, a different language. It might frighten you; even change you. Change is dangerous, unpredictable, addicting and thrilling.

That which you take for granted will no longer be the norm. The world you thought you knew will become tiny and insignificant in comparison to the one that you were truly born into.
If you like everything in your world to be familiar and orderly, it will shake it.

You might find that with each new place, each new experience, you discover as much about yourself as you do the world around you. What you discover may not be just rainbows and roses; if you allow it, it will pluck at the very fabric of your soul and rewrite the truths that you have lived by.

You might find yourself struggling with the realization that it’s not just your country that has problems, and the inverse, it is not just your country that is beautiful. It might make you feel more separate, more alone, or perhaps it will make you see that we are all one people. People who love, who yearn and dream and fight and live and die. People who are all products of their upbringing, and people with limitless potential. It might make you realize that your feeling of ‘country’, of ‘patriotism’, is just a mentality that ensures you continue to associate yourself with one particular speck of land, instead of acknowledging that who you are is so much more important than the origin of your birth.

Yes. Your country, your people, your world is amazing and deserves to be protected… but it is no better, has no more worth, is no more important than any other. Borders are nothing more than a tragic attempt to keep us apart.

Who am I, that dares to say such things? I am a traveller. A dreamer. And my appreciation for this planet, for the people that live on it, for the amazing talents they were gifted with, increases with each passing moment. I am different, I am changed, for having left what was familiar and comfortable.

Exploring the world destroyed the foundation that growing up in my society had gifted me with, the ties of country, of belief and of culture. It left me with nothing to keep my footing, nothing to keep me grounded… it released me and enabled me to fly.

Good luck dear dreamer, may your world never again be the same.

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