Christmas Presents for Writers

So you have a writer in your life. They’re fascinating creatures, writers, but they do have unique personality quirks. You’ve probably encountered utterly awkward and sometimes horrifying search bar suggestions. Don’t panic. “How to hide a body in the floorboards” has nothing to do with you, it’s one of their fictional characters they’re after — you’re probably safe.

Despite the ups and downs of writer-life, they’re still lovable creatures, and they like presents just as much as the next person. Especially presents that show you’ve been paying attention (which is pretty standard to the human race, not just the writer sub-genre… I mean sub-genus…)

Without further ado, I give you a collection of ideas for the writer(s) in your life. Sorry, it requires some serious scrolling… You’ve been warned!

So they never lose an idea: 

It’s the bane of a writer’s existence – that brilliant idea that comes with a flash of understanding and makes the whole world a brighter place — until they try to recall it later when they’re at their computer and the only thing left of it is ‘Damn, that was a good one.’

Shower Notes

We all have brilliant ideas in the shower. Grabbing a notebook will only succeed in making the pages soggy — and risking our technological note-takers isn’t a particularly great plan. This is where shower notes come in!

I’ve had one of these waterproof notepads in the shower for years. They’re amazing for jotting down ideas or just leaving little notes for each other. This is the particular brand I’ve used, but there are a bunch of others as well.

Fancy Night-Time Pens

Nothing more than pens with an LED light in them, these little beauties have finally become a part of my life. No more taking notes in the dark and trying to decipher the messy scrawls the next morning!


I bought a pack of five that has two blue lit pens, one green, one red and one white. If I could do it all over again, I would have bought the gift pack of two pens with red LED lights, extra batteries and ink refills instead. The red light is WAY easier on the eyes when you flick that sucker on in the middle of the night. It’s also less likely to disturb whoever else might be sleeping at the time.

Laser keyboard

These things are pretty darn cool and less expensive than they used to be. I haven’t tried one myself, mostly because I’m usually near a computer — but for someone who is out and about a lot and doesn’t want to lug around a laptop, this could be a fantastically fun gift.

There are many different varieties of this piece of technology, so I recommend reading lots of reviews if this is something you’re considering!

To help them with their craft:


I know, I know, this is a pretty broad category. Of course, novels should be considered, but those are so dependant on the person that I’m going to leave that one entirely up to you. (Sorry. However, signed copies are always a favourite.) The books I mean are ones that will help them with their writing.

Lists – These are for inspiration and guidance only. They are fantastic to use when character building, world building or when you need a different way to say the same thing.

If they’re a Fantasy Writer, this book is must-have. It’s brilliant; I can’t recommend it enough!

And then there are how-to books for pretty much everything. If you know they’re struggling with a particular aspect of writing; a guide might help. These are just a few examples…


Sometimes you need to switch up how you’re recording ideas, or you need a medium that is a liiiiittle bit bigger.

They’re not terribly expensive — just make sure they have somewhere to hang it!

Fountain Pen


Just like the clicking of typewriter keys can lull you into a serene and satisfyingly creative mood, the smooth flow of ink out of the nib of a quality fountain pen can achieve a similar sense of euphoria. All of my fountain pens have come from The Goulet Pen Company, but you can find them in markets, stationery shops and all over the internet.

And Finally…

A cat.


Because writing and cats go hand in hand. (More on this in another post.)
However, because choosing your own cat (but actually letting it choose you) is usually a good idea, perhaps a gift certificate to your local shelter would be the best bet!


I hope some of these ideas help you out!
Sorry for the long post, here’s a potato.



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