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My New Kindle Cover! (by Tuff-Luv)

By new I actually mean “I got this cover for my kindle several month ago but never got around to taking the pictures until today”.

The good news is that it still looks absolutely fabulous despite the extreme amount of use it has gotten.

It’s one of the ‘Eco-nique’ Hemp cases by Tuff-Luv. This one of course is for the Kindle Keyboard but they have a selection of gorgeous cases for all the kindles as well as for tablets, phones, passports and more.

Their selection of lovely products can be found on or

The hemp material is lovely to hold, you don’t have to worry about fingerprints or sweaty palms from leather. It’s eco-friendly (always a plus in my books) and also happens to be vegan and cruelty-free so there was no harm done in the making of this cover.  

It has a spot to hold a pen, small notebook or papers and cards. It snaps closed nice and easy and it was the simplest thing in the world to get going.

At the top of the kindle you’ll see a small Velcro tab; all I needed to do was open that tab and slide my kindle in from the top. With the tab back in place this ereader is snug as a bug in a rug. It doesn’t shift at all, all the buttons are easy to use still and you can charge it without ever having to take it out of the case. In fact, since I got this cover, I’ve never removed it.

It definitely gets a recommendation from me!


Once again all the Tuff-Luv cases can be found on and (colors and styles all vary quite a bit). Mine came from

See you soon!

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New Book by J.K. Rowling "The Casual Vacancy"

I wouldn’t normally post a book announcement about a novel that doesn’t seem to be either fantasy or sci-fi… but it’s J.K. Rowling! Any book by the renowned author of Harry Potter must be announced…. The wizarding world has been waiting with baited breath to see what her new novel would be and now HERE IT IS!!

The novel is called “The Casual Vacancy” and is a black comedy  meant for adults.

“When Barry Fairweather dies unexpectedly in his early forties, the little town of Pagford is left in shock.

Pagford is, seemingly, an English idyll, with a cobbled market square and an ancient abbey, but what lies behind the pretty façade is a town at war.

Rich at war with poor, teenagers at war with their parents, wives at war with their husbands, teachers at war with their pupils…Pagford is not what it first seems.

And the empty seat left by Barry on the town’s council soon becomes the catalyst for the biggest war the town has yet seen. Who will triumph in an election fraught with passion, duplicity and unexpected revelations?”

The cover has not been released yet but I’ll be sure to mention when it is.

The book will be available on September 27th but you can pre-order it as an ebook at Amazon, Barnes & Noble. (I’m sure it will be released for Kobo before too long!)

You can also pre-order the hardcover at a hugely discounted price at Chapters/Indigo, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 

I’ve heard a lot of people complaining about the higher price point of this novel; but the thing is, the hardcover, which always comes out first, is going to be $35 (or it will be once the pre-order sale is over). That’s a standard price for a hardcover and people are used to it; and spend the money. The ebook is significantly less, so your options are exactly the same as they always were; buy the higher priced novel as soon as it is released… or wait for the paperback.

The publishing company can’t sell the hardcover for $35 and the ebook for $5 – it doesn’t work.

The ebooks on Pottermore are all standard ebook prices; chances are ‘The Casual Vacancy’ will end up a similar price in the end.


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Author Interview: Andrea Heltsley (BOOK TOUR)

About Andrea Andrea Heltsley:

I am a biology nerd who loves reading just about anything paranormal and some chick lit. I enjoy sunshine and my two Italian greyhounds with my husband. I always write to music, it helps the creative process. Dissolve is my first novel. I have been writing ever since I was in grade school and have finally decided to make a career out of it. More books to come summer 2012 and 2013.
The Book: Dissolve
“Everything seemed to be going right for Cora. She had a wonderful fiance, a great best friend and a fulfilling life. One day, a tragic event causes that life to crumble around her. She turns to her best friend in her time of need. They embark on a search for answers, delving deeper into a web of magic and destruction. The closer they get to the truth, the more questions they have. To Cora, magic was the stuff of fairy tales. Immersed into a very different kind of world, the real storm was just beginning to take hold.”

Author Interview Questionnaire via My Reading Addiction

Is There a Message in Your Novel That You Want Readers to Grasp?

I want to relay genuine emotions. There are too many books where the heroine is portrayed as tough and nearly without emotion. In real life, things can get tough and it is realistic to feel things such as loss, love, friendship and jealousy. Some may see the characters as a little whiny, but I wanted them to be realistic.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

I love to write, but making outlines are especially tough for me. I like to write and let the story weave itself. More creativity goes into it that way.


How many books have you written and which is your favorite?

This is my first published book, but I have two more coming out this summer. Each of the books is the beginning to a different series. Dissolve out 4/10, Dreamwalker out 6/10 and Dancing with Death out 8/10. I particularly love Dreamwalker because it was the most creative by far. The story allowed me to challenge my creativity and brought in a more intricate plot. It is the only strictly adult paranormal romance I have written.

If you had the chance to cast your main character from Hollywood today, who would you pick and why?

For Dissolve, I would have to pick Emily VanCamp from Revenge. I don’t really have a reason, I just love her.

When did you begin writing?

I started writing in grade school, but only decided to make an official career out of it at the end of 2010. 

written in slumber

How long did it take to complete your first book?

I wrote each of my books in about six months give or take.

Did you have an author who inspired you to become a writer?

Nathaniel Hawthorne after reading Young Goodman Brown.

What is your favorite part of the writing process?

Writing and creating the characters. I also enjoy the publishing side of things. I particularly hate editing.

Describe your latest book in 4 words.

Dystopian, paranormal, romance, young adult (depends on who reviews it whether it is adult or young adult).

Can you share a little bit about your current work or what is in the future for your writing?

I have just finished the rough draft of Dancing with Death and am excited to get it ready for publishing. In the pipeline for me this year, I have all three book sequels I hope to have out in 2013. 
Dissolve sequel- Detour 
Dreamwalker sequel- Divine Destiny 
Dancing with Death sequel- Dancing with a Demon 

You can find Andrea on her Blog and Facebook.

Dissolve can be purchased as an ebook on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

You can find out more about Andrea and her novel through the other blogs participating in this book tour. Click Here to find out more.

Images via matryosha and shutterhacks

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I have three blogs. It’s true, I swear – did you know this? It just kind of happened over time. None of them are updated as much as I would like, but I suppose that is what happens when you spread yourself just a teeeeny tiny bit too thin.
This blog is my first one – I use it talk about life, the things that bug me, that which I wish I could chance and even the things I can’t. It is also the only place where any of my fiction appears. This is the blog that I hope will one day be a base for the well known author B.H. Hobson. Don’t roll your eyes, it’s not polite.
My second blog is the Medicine Hat Spotlight – which shall soon be recreated as Hatter Chatter – so clever right? The only reason I created it is because every once in a while I have something to say about my hometown. Things that my few readers who aren’t my family probably won’t be interested in.
This blog allows me to express my opinions and the few people who do read it might actually be slightly interested in what I have to say there. If not, that’s ok too, it is more just a way to keep all my thoughts organized.
The third blog is very new, and at the moment the most updated. Hopefully I can keep that up. It is very basic at the moment, and the only thing that you will find there are almost daily (and simple) book reviews. I didn’t want to flood this blog with reviews, and thus a new one was born.
One of these days I would like to consolidate all of them – I’ll have a gorgeous website that links to all of them and somehow manages to make sense of it all. Until then, I have blogs – and lots of them.
So the truth of the matter is that I do actually update regularly – my updates may just not apply to this blog. Hopefully with the extra time I will have very shortly I will be able to regulate all three of them a bit better.

Draykon Crowdfund Project

Hello all,

I’m taking a break from my usual schedule to bring you a very interesting project. Charlotte E. English, author of Draykon and Lokant; two fantasy ebooks that I have previously enjoyed, is working towards funding a stunning map for her series. The map would be designed by the same talented artist who created her covers;

A map is a staple of any true fantasy realm and it would be an absolutely fabulous achievement for Charlotte. She has opened this project up to the world via Crowdfunder; and should you choose to support her endeavor there are a variety of rewards that you will receive.

For more information I heartily encourage you to visit this Crowdfunder Page, and of course share this project with any of your fantasy loving friends.

If you want to know more about the books you can read my review of Draykon or Lokant; or find them on
Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble and Kobo Books.

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New Ebooks and News!

It’s ‘Read an Ebook Week‘! (March 4th – March 10th)

If you are planning to pick up some books from Smashwords at some point, now would be the time to do it. They are currently offering a site-wide promotion – many of their books, including the very first one in the list below, are on sale for a short time! The authors that have chosen to mark their books on sale are offering them 25%, 50%, 75% off or even FREE. Watch for coupon codes in the righthand sidebar where you add books to your cart! (Check back all week as authors will be continually adding books to the sale!)

For anyone who doesn’t know; Smashwords is a site that features the work of indie authors. It doesn’t matter what type of ereader you use, you can download any book you buy in formats for Kindle, Kobo, Nook and more!!

Now, on to my selection of new ebooks — I hope you enjoy them!

Unstable Prototypes is the sequel to Bypass Gemini and was just released at the end of February. Bypass Gemini is currently available for free on Smashwords and Unstable Prototypes is 50% off. There isn’t a better time to test out this new series!

Brief description for Bypass Gemini, Book 1:
In a distant future, Trevor “Lex” Alexander was shaping up to be the next great race pilot until a fixed race got him banned from the sport. Reduced to making freelance deliveries, he thinks his life can’t get any worse. That’s when a package manages to get him mixed up with mobsters, a megacorp, and a mad scientist. Now his life depends on learning what their plans are, and how he can stop them.

View Bypass Gemini on Smashwords.
View Unstable Prototype on Smashwords.

You can also find these books on Amazon.

This is the third book in the Flash Gold Chronicles, a fabulous steampunk series by Lindsay Buroker. Peace Maker was just released yesterday! All the books in this series are novellas, but they are absolutely worth reading.

You can find my review of Flash Gold: Book 1 — HERE
or my review of Hunted: Book 2 — HERE.

Book Description for Flash Gold, Book 1:
Eighteen-year-old Kali McAlister enters her steam-powered “dogless sled” in a race, intending to win the thousand-dollar prize and escape remote Moose Hollow forever. The problem? Fortune seekers and airship pirates are after her for the secret to flash gold, her late father’s alchemical masterpiece.

With a hand-modified rifle and a pocketful of home-made smoke bombs, Kali wouldn’t normally hide from a confrontation, but taking on a whole airship single-handedly is a daunting task. Unfortunately, the other racers won’t assist her–they’re too busy scheming ways to sabotage her unorthodox sled.

When a sword-slinging stranger shows up, wanting to hire on as her protector, she’s sure he has ulterior motives, but he’s the only one interested in helping her. The question is…why?

Flash Gold: Book 1 you can find it on Smashwords*FREE, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Nook Books.

If you have already begun this series, then you can find Peace Maker: Book 3, on Smashwords, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Seeking Eden by Mehan Hart

In a world where babies are rarer and more precious than diamonds, Tobin Winter leaves the small town that’s all he’s ever known and sets off on a quest to find a new life. Elanna is a hopemother, one of the few women in her community able to conceive and bear a child — but never allowed to raise one. Together, Elanna and Tobin set off to find a new world, one in which they both can thrive.”

Find this book on Amazon, Smashwords and Barnes & Noble.

 Arctic Rising by Tobias S. Buckell

Book description: 
Global warming has transformed the Earth, and it’s about to get even hotter. The Arctic Ice Cap has all but melted, and the international community is racing desperately to claim the massive amounts of oil beneath the newly accessible ocean.

Enter the Gaia Corporation. Its two founders have come up with a plan to roll back global warming. Thousands of tiny mirrors floating in the air can create a giant sunshade, capable of redirecting heat and cooling the earth’s surface. They plan to terraform Earth to save it from itself—but in doing so, they have created a superweapon the likes of which the world has never seen.

Anika Duncan is an airship pilot for the underfunded United Nations Polar Guard. She’s intent on capturing a smuggled nuclear weapon that has made it into the Polar Circle and bringing the smugglers to justice. 

Anika finds herself caught up in a plot by a cabal of military agencies and corporations who want Gaia Corporation stopped. But when Gaia Corp loses control of their superweapon, it will be Anika who has to decide the future of the world. The nuclear weapon she has risked her life to find is the only thing that can stop the floating sunshade after it falls into the wrong hands.”

Find Arctic Rising on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo Books

Authors: If you have a novel coming out in the near future that you would like me to mention in a post like this, please do not hesitate to Contact Me and tell me about it. I can’t spread the word about books I haven’t come across! 

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Long Live The Introverts

I’ve always known, despite the beliefs of nearly everyone around me, that being an introvert isn’t a bad thing. I personally quite like it; and I like myself more when I am that quiet, thinking person that I am supposed to be, rather than the one that nearly everyone else insists is better. (I hate to tell you, but if she only comes out when I’ve had a glass or three of wine; she’s not the real me.)

This video not only gives me a sense of vindication, but also hope that perhaps the next generation won’t frown upon those who sit alone from time to time in quiet contemplation or are happiest with their noses shoved between the pages of a magical book. 

(Credit goes to my brother for bring this video to my attention. I never would have found it if he hadn’t first shared it with me.)

Free Ebooks: Why, Where and How

The dawn of the ebook has made it possible to read great books for next to nothing. Sure, a decent ereader can be relatively expensive, but once you own it your reading costs can be as little as you want them to be. If you don’t want to dish out for an ereader you can downloads apps (for free) that allow you to read on your computer, tablet, smart phone, etc… Though I would absolutely recommend an ereader; once you get used to it they are just as easy to read as a paper-book.
So how do you manage to read so inexpensively? Well it’s pretty easy! For starters, there is this wonderful thing called “Public Domain” – books whose copyrights have expired and no longer have royalties that need to be paid out, fall into public domain. That means, if you can get them, you can have them. Because there are no production costs for ebooks (No paper, no printing, no shipping…) the public domain books are available for free. You just need to download them!
This includes all the amazing classics; Pride and Prejudice, Sherlock Holmes, A Tale of Two Cities, Dracula, etc… I could go on for hours. If you have a list of classics you have been meaning to read for years; you can do it, and it won’t cost you a penny!
Due to how easy ebooks make it to share and give books away; finding modern free ebooks is a breeze. Many authors will offer a free book for a limited time so that you can test them out! There are thousands of brand-new books available online for free!
So where can you get these public domain books and other free ebooks? There are a huge number of websites but some of the major ones include Amazon, Barnes &Noble, and My favorite for discovering new Indie Authors is definitely Smashwords. This site allows you to filter your book search based on genre, price, length and more! You don’t even need an account with them to download the books that are being offered for free. (And the books on their website are available in a ton of different formats so it doesn’t matter how you are planning to read the ebook.)
The third great way to find free ebooks is through blogs – like this one ;) – and giveaways. Many book bloggers will let you know when they stumble across a great free ebook. They will also host ebook giveaways; all you need to do for a chance to win the book for free is to enter the contest.
I hope you have enjoyed this post and found it illuminating, thank you so much for reading!

Book Review: ‘Enchantment’ by Charlotte Abel

While other girls are wearing push-up bras, Channie Belks is trying to hide the fact she’s a witch.

Sorta hard to do after her parents slap a chastity curse on her for flirting with “dirty-minded, non-magical, city-boys.” She can’t even walk by a hot guy without zapping him.

There’s a way to break the curse; but one mistake could kill her. It’s not worth the risk … until she meets Josh.

Suddenly, the threat of death isn’t such a deal-breaker.”

 First off, I would like to say that though the characters are teens, the content in this story isn’t something I would recommend for anyone too young. I’d put my rating on this story at 16+ as it contains ‘scenes of a sexual nature’ on and off throughout the book.

Enchantment’s family immediately struck me as more than a little dysfunctional, and not because of the no-frills lifestyle that they lead. Her parents border on abusive and a little crazy, and it doesn’t paint a particularly pretty picture. Whether or not you’re supposed to, I hated them just a little bit. Enchantment herself fluctuates between hating everything they stand for and acting just like them, something that drove me a little crazy. I like it when my characters take the high road.

The story itself was well written and I enjoyed the style of writing. Apart from a section in the middle somewhere it seemed to progress at a relatively decent pace. There were a few times that I found it a little too predictable, but all in all it was an enjoyable read.

For once, it didn’t end on a cliffhanger; yes there are still a ton of things left unresolved that the sequels need to take care of, but I think the book finished at a good spot. A detail that makes me very happy as I’m finding more and more indie novels finish with a cliff-hanger, I much prefer a little bit of resolution.


Find “Enchantment” on; Amazon —  Unfortunately it looks like that is the only place it is currently available.

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Author Interview: L.C. Smith

Who Is L.C. Smith?

“L.C. lives in New Zealand, loves being outside and playing sports and has written since she was little. Her serious writing has taken place over the last three years. She has a Communication degree from Massey Univeristy where she studied a whole lot of writing.”

Lisa graciously agreed to submit to an interview, even though I’m sure she is absurdly busy having just released her debut novel, “Falling”. 

Book Description:

“Love is a funny thing; there’s the kind that’s like you’re five and you’re looking up at your Mum’s face as she reads you a bedtime story.

Then there’s the kind that makes you nervous and twists in your stomach.

Then there’s the kind that makes you feel like you’re holding everything of worth in your hands.

After the death of her parents in a car accident when Reid South was eleven years old she gained the ability to jump into peoples bodies. Not a single person knows her secret, not her only friend Sara and especially not Keller. The problem is, every time she looks into his eyes, she starts to fall into him.”

Tell us a little bit about the process of writing your book.

“I usually get an idea randomly, I can just be walking down the street and all of a sudden I’ll get an idea for something. Usually I don’t write it down, I find that my best ideas are the ones that keep coming back to me, they’ll start to develop and the characters will gain their personalities as I think about them.

I like the first scene to throw you into the middle of the main character’s world. Then I just write until I feel like the whole story is out, which has way more words than I’m going to use, and it’s always horrible, awful writing. Then it’s the re-envisioning stage where I cut things that just don’t work, that aren’t true to the character, but I wanted them to stay! This can go on for a while if I’m being a bit sentimental about certain scenes.

One scene I cut for Falling was in chapter three, actually it was the whole of chapter three and I wanted it, because I thought it was cute. It didn’t work, I always knew it didn’t but I stubbornly held on to it until my editor kindly pointed out how crappy it really was!

Then it’s editing. I hate editing! For me it’s the worst part of the whole process. You have to be slow and careful to catch all the things that are wrong.

At this point it goes to my editor, who is thankfully a whole lot better at it than I am. She really deserves giant hugs for how much she helps.

Then it’s more editing for me and I’m done.

Wow, I made that sound amazingly boring, but it’s not. It’s so great to be able to spend your day making up someone else’s life so that it’s just how you want it to be.”

Why writing?

“Even if I didn’t write I would be thinking about writing, so it’s easier to just get the stories written down.”

Tell our readers one random fact about yourself!

“I love growing things I can eat. I have a tiny back yard and have over twenty fruit plants. I need to be stopped, I have no more space.”

What’s next?

“YA historical called One Minute. It’s set in World War Two England; Will (the main character) goes to help his friend rescue his girlfriend who’s Polish, but it all goes wrong and he gets left behind in German occupied France.”

If ‘Falling’ was a recipe, what would it be?

“It would be a big fat chocolate cake.

Keller would be the chocolate, dark of course, because he’s sweet, but has character.

Reid would have to be the baking powder because she can disappear and she lifts everything up.

Sara would be the frosting because she’s about the best friend you could want.”

Thanks again to Lisa for agreeing to the interview; please feel free to post your thoughts below!

Lisa’s book “Falling” is currently being given away on this very blog. It’s easy (and free) to enter, so be sure to take a moment and put your name in!

Find this ebook on Amazon and Smashwords.


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