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Christmas Presents for Writers

So you have a writer in your life. They’re fascinating creatures, writers, but they do have unique personality quirks. You’ve probably encountered utterly awkward and sometimes horrifying search bar suggestions. Don’t panic. “How to hide a body in the floorboards” has nothing to do with you, it’s one of their fictional characters they’re after — you’re probably safe. Continue reading Christmas Presents for Writers

Dear potential roommates


 In just over two months I will be returning to Canada, and in an effort to save money so that I can save up for my next adventure, I have decided to try to find some compatible roommates. I believe in honesty, so I wrote this letter for anyone crazy enough to consider me as a roommate.


Dear sir/madam,

I have compiled a list of things-that-you-should-probably-know-about-me-before-you-commit-to-living-with-me. Continue reading Dear potential roommates

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

good things come to those who wait

My recent admiration of the popular Irish drink has led me to do a bit of research on why exactly it has done so well all over the world. Many would argue that its taste and feel sells itself, but as a company with an extremely high cost advertising campaign, I think that might have a little something to do with their success.

Like many alcohol commercials Guinness strive both to entertain and make you aware of their product. While many companies do a very good job of this I would definitely give who ever runs Guinness advertising a pat on the back. Over the years they have pumped out ad after ad that caught the eye, and became a topic of conversation for anyone who had seen it. Exactly what you want when trying to catch the public’s attention.

guiness goodness