Book Review: "The Wysard" – Waterspell Book 2 by Deborah J. Lightfoot

Note: This review is for Book 2 in the Waterspell series. Some small spoilers may be unavoidable if you continue reading. For the review of Book 1, please click here.

“After blundering into the last stronghold of magic, Carin discovers that she is right to fear the wizard Verek. He is using her to seal the ruptures in the void, and she may be nothing more to him than an expendable weapon. What will he do with her — or to her — when his world is again secure? Or has he erred in believing that the last bridge has been broken? The quest may not, in fact, be over … and Lord Verek may find himself not quite as willing to dispose of his fiery water-sylph, Carin, as he once believed himself to be.”

The tone and main storyline behind the second book is very different from the first. There are still a limited number of characters, which make it great for an easy evening read, but the setting and plot are quite different. It follows up on the questions left unanswered in the first but the main focus is less on Carin’s… severe dislike of Verek, but rather the larger picture.

I found it a fun and entertaining read, I had no problems getting into the story and finished it extremely quickly. The Wysard is an interesting, unique adventure with faint tones of romance but strong in narrative. The spoken language has its own cadence to it, strong and rich but still easy to get lost in and enjoy. I didn’t find it contrived or ridiculous but rather thought that it added to the story.

I am happy to report that I found the ending was fabulous in every way. For once, there wasn’t a huge cliffhanger looming over my head, even though there is another book in the series. I loved that feeling of satisfaction at the end, rather than the irritation that rises to the surface when a book has no real conclusions.

I have every intention of reading the third book in the series, I can’t wait to find out what happens next!


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