Book Review: ‘A Reckless Witch’ by Debora Geary

Book Three: A Modern Witch Series

With great power comes great responsibility. So says the tradition of witching. One teenage witch missed that lesson…

As a child, Sierra Brighton traveled the world. She swam with the baby whales, danced in storm funnels, and lived in complete magical freedom. And then Momma died and Sierra ended up in foster care, an unhappy and very secret witch.

Fetched by Nell’s spell, she’ll no longer need to do magic on lonely beaches – but can Sierra learn to use her power safely? Or will her reckless blood put Witch Central at risk?”

A Reckless Witch is another fabulous installment of the Modern Witch Series. Once again the focus is on a new character with the characters from the two previous novels playing pivotal roles. You get to see how their stories have evolved while at the same time being introduced to a whole new story in this witching world.

This is a sweet story about magic, acceptance and finding your home. There are a few spots that left me sniffling… but they were the good kind of sniffles!

Debora is very talented at writing a story that immerses you in the emotions of her characters. I have to point out yet again that these novels are great if you are looking for a clean read with elements of romance. The romance isn’t the focus, rather these books are all about character interaction. They will make you laugh and cry; I absolutely recommend this whole series.

This was a fabulous read and I know that it will be not be last of her novels that I enjoy!

NOTE: The series would be suitable for older teens.


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