Book Review: "A Modern Witch" by Debora Geary

“Can you live 28 years without discovering you’re a witch?
Lauren is downtown Chicago’s youngest elite realtor. She’s also a witch. She must be – the fetching spell for Witches’ Chat isn’t supposed to make mistakes. So says the woman who coded the spell, at least.

The tall, dark, and handsome guy sent to assess her is a witch too (and no, that doesn’t end the way you might think). What he finds in Lauren will change lives, mess with a perfectly good career, and require lots of ice cream therapy.”

I’ve been a little bit on the busy side for the last few weeks *understatement of the century*, so I decided to buy a book that would be nice and relaxing even though it wasn’t on my mile long list of books that I reeeeally must get to reading this month. As such, I was finally able to cross one of the books off of my ‘potential cures‘ list! I have to say it did a pretty good job of curing both my after-work exhaustion and any lingering boredom I may have been experiencing. 

For once, it is an urban fantasy that DOESN’T involve vampires, werewolves, demons, and all manner of other mythological creatures. I find so many go all out, they have to include a little bit of everything. It is nice to find one that is about straight-up witches. It’s not all-romance either; in fact, any romance in it is a side plot rather than the focus; another great find for an urban fantasy. (And no pornography-worthy grown-up scenes either.)

Not to mention it isn’t about good vs evil, but rather about a witch finding her place in the modern world. Yay! It definitely added in a little bit of variety into a genre that is becoming more and more the same thing.

The writing was great; easy to follow along, entertaining and humorous. I didn’t notice any typos or anything like that so if they were there they must have been few and far between.

And bursting into giggles at the end? Can’t complain about that!!

There are currently two sequels to this book; I have already purchased and begun the second! I would recommend this particular tonic to anyone who loves a good urban-fantasy, would like a change from the norm, and wouldn’t object to a nice clean plot.

As for the rest, well you’ll just have to read it to find out!


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If you don’t have a kindle, Debora explains HERE why she only has her books on Amazon and how you can read them anyway.  

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: "A Modern Witch" by Debora Geary”

  1. I just finished this book a few days ago! It was a real good read, funny, deep, tender and the characters were believable….Never a dull moment and Debora is good at producing interesting twists….will read the next 2 for sure and anything else this author writes….Thank you!

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