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Fading Footsteps

The new snow crunched under her boots with every step she took. Amy didn’t mind — the sound, barely loud enough to be heard over the blowing wind, helped ground her. As long as she could hear her footsteps, perhaps she could convince herself that she wasn’t lost in this white void.

She chanced a quick look behind her again, even though she’d promised herself she wouldn’t. The wind pushed and swirled the snow, filling in her footsteps almost as soon as she left them. Faint depressions were all that was left, and less than ten feet away, they faded into the white expanse.  Continue reading Fading Footsteps


The searing heat and wildly dancing flames had consumed all they could, leaving behind red-hot embers that glowed and flickered with inner life. Smoke curled upwards from the wreckage, dark spirals working their way towards the heavens — but it was the ash on the wind that made it all real. The fragile grey fragments drifted lazily on the light breeze until they disintegrated into dust.  Continue reading Untitled

Christmas Presents for Writers

So you have a writer in your life. They’re fascinating creatures, writers, but they do have unique personality quirks. You’ve probably encountered utterly awkward and sometimes horrifying search bar suggestions. Don’t panic. “How to hide a body in the floorboards” has nothing to do with you, it’s one of their fictional characters they’re after — you’re probably safe. Continue reading Christmas Presents for Writers

Point A to Point B – Backpacker Style

After our Workaway experience in the Tarn region the next stage of our plan (such as it were) was to head a bit further south to an area near a town called Quillan. Like much of southern France it was green and lush and filled with rolling hills (you might call them mountains), that one would think would be a cyclists nightmare but in truth only seems to encourage them. Continue reading Point A to Point B – Backpacker Style

Our 1st Host – A Continuation

I decided my last post was getting a little bit too long, even though I still had a few more things I wanted to share! Thus I give you: ‘Our First Host: Part 2’ – a few little odds and ends about France that stood out during our initial time there.

In case you were curious, during our stay we were in the region of Tarn.  Continue reading Our 1st Host – A Continuation

The Aeronaut’s Windlass – A Book Review

Books. They’re beautiful works of art that require nothing less than the life and soul of their authors. They are an invaluable part of my life and I’m confident they always will be.

At the very least that is my excuse for writing a post that has absolutely nothing to do with travelling while I am in a beautiful country nothing less than half way across the world from my home. Continue reading The Aeronaut’s Windlass – A Book Review