WriterMy writing career began early. Really early. The first stories I remember writing cover a range of subjects. Some involved being marooned on an island in the Caribbean or featured the denizens of a mysterious world under the sea, while yet others were about the crew of a spaceship, travelling to the outer reaches of the solar system. I wrote adventures and mysteries and as I got older they began to include fantasy and romance.

Words, language, stories… they were something that I understood. But more than that – they, and their magic, have always been something that I’ve loved. I would happily entertain people (or myself) with an explanation of the origin of words and clichés or launch into a detailed listing of books I knew they would enjoy based on their personality and preferences.  You learn to love me for it after a while.

I’ve considered alternate careers, I’ve even tried a few of them out – but through my explorations there is one thing that has remained a constant in my life. I love to write. There are few things that feel as satisfying as writing exactly what I want to say, in precisely the way that it was meant to be said.

And so I write.


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  1. I loved reading this. I’ve never done a great deal of writing, and yet I’ve always felt drawn to it, and that, on a good day, I’m not bad at it!

    I wish I’d started sooner, as it’s a craft like no other. Weeks, months and years pass and with each word you commit to paper you learn more about yourself.

    1. It is true. I find that the moments that I am most honest, most true to myself, are when I put pen to paper. (Or fingers to keys.) It’s almost a little bit like magic, because I stop thinking and just let the words flow and suddenly I’m writing about things that I didn’t even know I cared about. I have formed more opinions with a pen in my hand than at any other point. Every time it is an exercise in self-discovery.

      I’ve spent the last few days ravenously consuming the information on your website, you gave me inspiration precisely when I needed it most. I think that what you have done is incredible!


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