A Moment of Controversy – Chairs in the Hat!

It is Stampede time in the Hat, and with that comes the annual parade that so many families enjoy.
Hatters have been saving their precious spots with lawn chairs for years – it is something of a tradition to many. Of course, as the city grows, so does the number of people who attend this parade.

Local radio DJ Grant Buchanan from MY96 wrote on the station’s Facebook group “there’s no way you should be allowed to leave an unattended lawn chair along the parade route to save your spot. you should have to be there…or you lose your place!”

This was followed up by a flurry of upset people phoning in and leaving angry comments. Some of which included:

“…i think it is rude that ppl leave them there overnight and unattended…i know where im going next year for a new chair :)”
“TOTALLY!!! this makes me so mad!! like so what you left a chair there… your chair is gunna be in the street fool”

Now, I’m aware that in the scheme of things this is a pretty small issue, but just humour me on this one.

Let me ask you something Grant– is that really the kind of attitude that you want to incite in the citizens of the Hat? No one touches the chairs that are set up – it is an unspoken rule of conduct during the Stampede. Is your intention to change this? Would you rather that people toss the chairs out into the street, destroying the property of others? Or perhaps we should show a complete lack of regard for our fellow citizens and simply use their chairs.

Sure it is a little irritating when you arrive early and find that there are no spots left because they are all taken by empty chairs. Yet at the same time, this happens every single year – there is no surprise in it at all. So instead of complaining about it, take advantage of the system and put your chairs out the night before as well!

I think it is an amazing thing to live in a city where this is even possible. In most cities the chairs would be stolen or damaged without a second thought. Why encourage a mindset that is so prevalent in other countries?

It sounds like something small, but with that lack of care for your fellow humans, and the ability to control your irritation, comes higher crime rates and acts of violence. I would rather have a terrible view of the parade every year for the remainder of my life than change the attitude of my fellow citizens.

I say put up your chairs for as long as you are able! Let the city be reminded every year that Hatters are capable of being respectful and decent humans. Let the world stare in awe at the chairs that line the streets – untouched. Dare to feel a little dash of pride in your community!

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  1. Dear Grant,

    I’m delighted that you posted my blog on the my96 fan page – you are welcome to do so anytime!

    Thanks for taking my opinions so well, I look forward to listening again tomorrow.


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